About Us

33Rackit is a Winnipeg business owned and operated by Ian and Janice Park.

We believe we have the ideal product line for your vinyl storage and audio gear setup, and we work with Winnipeg woodworkers to create our product line.

We have been inspired by the woodworking skills of Per Madsen, a bay area wood worker, who had designed, built, and sold a beautiful simple red oak modular storage system known as the Rackit until his retirement.

If you are looking for affordable, craftsman-quality red oak modular vinyl/record storage furniture, 33Rackit is for you!

With the help of many bright, talented, patient, goodhearted people, we are now offering our products online.

We currently have an inventory of double-wide bases, tops and bins; a beautiful Maple Isolation Base that fits perfectly onto our top panel for a larger amplifier or for a turntable.

Coming soon will be an alphabetical sorting system of “abc’s” that fits over the two structural components of the storage bins, and an oh-so-beautiful day bin for the albums that are new and haven’t yet been sorted or are on the days play list. A wall-mount turntable stand is on the way as well. Stay tuned.

We ship anywhere, contact us for pricing!

Cheers and talk soon!
Ian and Janice